6 Jan 2012

SIP - Finishing Modeling

With the post-Christmas January blues settling in, its best to just throw yourself back into work. I've been working on finishing the modelling and putting the street together. As it stands now, the street looks rather bland and empty but the next step is to put all the sci-fi and Noir elements in, as well as the overgrown aspect. I also plan on adding more detail progressively.

I'm also deciding how to create the rain and smoke effects. At the moment the plan is to use After Effects to implement them afterwards but that depends on if they sit convincingly in the digital set.

The Tree that will sit in the background.

The first of the buildings

The Second

The Road

Smoking Vent test (Maya)

Putting the Street together

I also watched the documentary 'The Rules of Film Noir' as suggested by Alan and I took some notes. I happy to see that many of the rules and conventions of Film Noir I've already applied (or going to) but there were that I feel need more exploration in my world.


-Raining Streets



-America Through Strangers Eyes

-Grey scale

-Skewered Angles

-'Make it Any Colour As Long As Its Black'

-Low Camera

Many of these will be explored in the atmosphere, texturing and the like whilst the neon signs will show the Femme Fatale aspect of Noir.

All in the all, the project is progressing as planned and I'm sticking to my strict schedule to make it the best I can. It always makes me happy to the world come together. Next to populate the world and integrate the tree and the roots/vines.


tutorphil said...

Good stuff, Earl - keep those post-xmas blues at bay and just dig in and get this done and dusted! Chin up! 'Be Amazing!' :)

Bluejetdude said...

Thats the plan. It helps that I love this stage. Seeing the world come together that I've spent so long working on!

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