19 Jan 2012

SIP - Submission Week

And it's the final week of the 'Self Initiated Project'. So here comes the final Updates.

The Branding:

I worked on this before, as you can see around my blog.


Business Card:

A remastered card to reflect the change in Logo.

I've also ordered a few of these just for fun/ to test it.

This is the Proposel that I wrote up for the project.
Yggdrasil Noir Proposal

The DVD case and Cover:

A 'Making of' chronicling the creation of the final piece:
Earl Mills - Yggdrasil Noir Making Of

And finally:

Yggdrasil Noir

Yggdrasil Noir - In Colour


tutorphil said...

I know, I know - you're half-dead from exhaustion and you're in a comatose slumber and the very last thing you want to think about is the 'National Student Survey' - but this is me gently nudging you towards its completion. In truth, the NSS is really important, so when you're properly awake (and only then!) - check out the link below and do your bit for the 'bigger picture' - much appreciated and many thanks.

and when you're done, can you leave a 'done it' post on the blog post above. Cheers.

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