1 Feb 2012

MP - Proposed Idea

Over the last few days, I've been trying to come up with an idea that would best suit my final project and how I would approach it. I've decided to focus on an area that I believe has helped me create the best results in the past.

I will be making a transcription, or more specifically, a Medical Visualisation.

I want to create an animation for my final project as I think its a fitting way to end the year, as well as showcasing my animation and modelling skills.

So, what is my MV?

I want to create an animation based around the White Blood Cells fight against an invading force... but with a twist. I will aim the animation at 10-15 year old, so it will be medically accurate but periodically throughout the piece, it will transform the White Blood Cells into defending Star Fighters and the invading virus into a giant organic force. This will help show the children a clear comparison of what they are familiar with, and the new information they are learning about the body. It will swap between the two at certain points, showing both the medically accurate way the White Blood Cells handle invaders as well as a more action orientated look.

Next I plan to write a full proposal as well as splicing together footage to show exactly what I mean.


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