15 Feb 2012

MP - The Struggle Inside - Animation Pipeline

A pipeline from one of our previous briefs that I will be sticking to throughout the duration of the project.

1) Pre-Production: Visualising a World
 Project Start: Finding the right idea.
 Research: Researching the areas found in the idea
 Art Direction: Scene design, colour palettes, shapes, & atmosphere. 
 Storyboarding: Creating a storyboard for the animation
 Pre-Viz: Basic model, shot framing, & camera animation.

2) Production: Building The World
 Modelling of Elements: Objects & Architecture.
 UV Layout & Texturing: Layout maps and texture maps.
 Lighting: Main scene lighting & detail lighting - such as glow elements.
 Object Animation: Animation of scene details / objects.
 Effects Simulation: Effects based elements such as water, smoke, or dust.
 Rendering: Creating Render Passes - Beauty, Occlusion, Glow, & FX etc.

3) Post-Production: Combining the World
 Compositing: Combining render passes & refining the shot(s).
 Final Shot: Editing and exporting.


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