18 Feb 2012

MP - The Struggle Inside - Animation Breakdown

To further understand the animation and the direction I want to take it in, I'm going to break down each scene and what its means, how it correlates to the overall piece.

Scene 1:

There are Red Blood Cells with a small selection of White Blood Cells moving down the veins. All is calm and slow in the body, as the cells move along there route.

This scene gives the feeling of calm. There are no fast movements or sudden changes to keep this feeling.

Scene 2:

We start to see the White Blood Cells moving and mingling with the Red Blood Cells as they begin to move towards an intersection in the tube.

Still keeping a calm feeling, but beginning to pick up pace. The movements are still slow but the speed of the blood cells gets more noticeable.

Scene 3

The cells move along at a brisk pace before turning a corner. In the distance, at the end of the tube, is a large virus ship moving along it.


We now get the sense of something bigger. Of an imposing threat as it bears down on the small red blood cells.

Scene 4

The Large enemy ship is hoovering up red blood cells and extending its tendrils into the wall of the vein, pumping its poison in. The vents around the base of the ship is releasing a toxin into the blood flow.


The audience begins to see the damage that the virus is doing to the body, as the colour begins to change and the walls begin to shrivel. The audience should feel the power that this virus has over the body.

Scene 5

With the toxins creeping into the walls, we hear something in the distance. After a second of suspense, a large squadron of White Blood Cell Ships (WBCS) turn the corner. We see the WBCS moving in formation toward the enemy.


The audience should feel that the WBCS are outnumbered but still show a serious threat to the enemy and are united in formation.

Scene 6

The WBCS move towards the ship, aligning there formation into an attack position.


The audience feels that the big conflict is just about to happen.

Scene 7

The Virus releases smaller ships similar to itself to defend itself. The WBCS and Virus Ships fly at one another to start there fight.


As the ships collide, the audience's excitement begins to rise.

Scene 8 +

The ships fight across the vein, flying in all directions leaving trails behind them as they do. No one side has the upper hand as the advantages shifts. The camera and audience are moved around the battlefield, as different pairs of ships do combat, shifting perspective from up close to far away.


The audience is excited and mixed up in the fight as there senses are attacked from all directions with the feeling of battle. They get completely lost in it as the attention never stays on fight for two long.

Scene -9

The vein is full of the leftovers from the fight, as it seems that the virus is beginning to win with WBCS losing there respective fight. The remaining WBCS launch a final desperate attack on the ship.


The audience starts to see that the fight may not be favouring the 'good guys'. But there is a small amount of hope when the rest of the WBCS start moving into position.

Scene 10

The ships attack the virus and one small ship flys into one of the vents releasing the toxin. The small ship flying deep into the core of the virus before releasing a small drop onto the inner shell of the Virus. The ball explodes, acting like the real Neutrophil as it expands engulfing the interior


Scene 11

Outside the virus, the rest of the WBCS release there payloads onto the virus, engulfing it completely.


The audience is happy to see the now small band of WBCS finally succeed. With the destruction of the virus, things start to return to calm.

Scene 12

The enemy ships start disintergrating, as the mothership is no more. The remaining WBCS start to gther and fly along the vein with the red blood cells. The vein returns to its normal state.
All is well again.


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