20 Feb 2012

MP - The Struggle Inside - WBCS Silhouette (Draft Final)

I've combined the different elements I like best from my silhouetting into a design that I feel fits the mould of the WBCS. Militaristic with hints of it's source.

As a mix between a fighter and a WBC, I have combined the best parts but kept the style in place.

The engines are based on the real world engines. This is because it has to be instantly recognisable to the audience. The audience knows how the propulsion works.

Torso/Cockpit Replacement:
As a White Blood Cell, I have removed the cockpit aspect of the fighter design, as the ships are autonimous. Instead there will be a circular panel representing the cockpit on the cockpit.

Bomb Containment:
The container for the bomb is found on the bottom and houses the final bomb that starts the destruction of the Virus mothership.

The weapon system resembles a sci-fi approach with the exposed laser shooters. They fire a small white beam that on impact spreads into a gelatinous blob that engulfs that area. On the smaller Virus Fighters, they engulf them completly. The bomb is a large scale version of this.

Trail Emitters:
The trail emitters act similar to real aviation. The trails fade over time but leave a distinct look over the entire battlefield.

The wings of the craft.


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