29 Feb 2012

MP - White Blood - Comic Concept

I've put together a concept piece showing the general idea of my animation as a comic, as the art style originates from that area. This is to show the art style the animation will adopt in its natural habitat. Once the animation starts the art style will be cel shaded/Comic book. This concept piece is to emulate the look of a comic, which influences the final piece.

The White ship is the White Blood Cell Ship
The Dark Green ships are the Virus Fighters and the Mothership

The animation will be opened with a comic book, with the audience travelling inside it.

My next step is to put together my storyboard and compile the animatic. Whilst doing this I will be adding details to my silhouttes and painting them.


tutorphil said...

hey Earl,

You're getting closer to identifying a cogent art direction, but I still think you should consider ways to get a bit more interest into this 'comic book' aesthetic - as I suggested before, looking at ways you might be able to get a still more retro/printed paper feel going on:

for example:

and how about limiting your entire colour palette to CMYK?

or RGB?

Bluejetdude said...

I think the RGB could work really well actually. The colours available all fit the colours I am aiming for, so it's definatly an area to look into.

I didn't like the halftone effect at first, but over the last couple of weeks, I've been going more down the comic book route, so I think it's time I gave the look a proper try.

Thanks Phil.

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