21 Feb 2012

MP - The Struggle Inside - Virus Mothership Silhouettes

I have now created a selection of Virus Motherships. To create it, I have combined the look of Bacteria and large Motherships. I also used real life bases, such as Air Craft Carriers, and real space stations such as the 'International Space Station and Skylab'.

I used the same concepts as before, creating different silhouettes and looking across them at aspects I like. I quickly abandoned the 'Tendril' approach, as I had already dropped a similar approach for the WBCS, so I felt it would be out of place here.

Next I plan to combine the elements I like best.


tutorphil said...

coming on - but can you tidy up your silhouettes a bit - maybe take them into illustrator? They just look a bit furry!

Bluejetdude said...

Haha, yeah no problem. I'll get those cleaned up straight away. Furry is not the look I'm going for :)

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