21 Mar 2010

Character Influences

Some characters that I want to use as influence in my character. I'll be looking at this in terms of looks and personality.

As you can see, I have decided to go with an old school looking teapot. The reason for this is that it instantly recognisable. The design is forever and nearly everyone in the world can recognise it.

Now for personality:

I went with Mr Bean and Homer Simpson because they are both lovable fools. There clumsy and cause havoc but remain likable. I want my character to be a pain but to when they come to there ultimate demise, the audience feels bad. I think the most effective way to get this across is facial features. The audience must feel sorry for them.
As for the features themselves, I'll use the spout as the nose, making the front its face. The eyes will be small because it seems that most 'cute' characters have smaller eyes for some reason. Or there REALLY big like puppy dog eyes. Some more decision making to do. I might only use the mouth on rare occasions to show real emotion because I believe that if its mouthless it will look much sweeter.


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