17 Mar 2010

Essay Topic

The Animator that not many people know. ohhhh whats his name?

Ray Harryhausen.

The man that changed the face of cinema back in 1981. Its the kind of technical improvements that Harryhausen made that people like James Cameron are trying to emulate.
The main reasoning for me picking Ray Harryhausen (That name will get annoying to wright) is the fact that his biggest film (arguably) is 'Clash of the Titans' which is getting a big Hollywood remake. I would love to compare the special effects and animations in both and see the similarities and differences.

'Critically analysing the work of Ray Harryhausen and comparing his animation to there modern counterparts.'

An old classic that changed the face of cinema, special effects and animation...

A big ol' silly action romp. Should prove entertaining but don't expect an Oscar.


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