21 Mar 2010

Script draft 1

The first of many I would guess:

Act 1:
A small, innocent teapot sits on a saucer on an ordinary kitchen table. There is plate of toast with jam on them, a cup of tea, a knife and fork and newspaper hanging over the edge of the table.
The teapot slowly wakes from its slumber, and looks around at its surrounding. Teapot walks forward while still hopping around. It steps to far forward and falls of the saucer and rolls along the table till he is up right again.
It reasurtes itself and looks at its surrounding.
Act 2:
There, on the other side of the table, was a beautiful teapot. Little did the teapot know, the other is only an advert in the paper. Never the less, with heart aflutter, it starts it journey to the other side... except it doesn't see the knife.
Tripping and slipping across the surface of the knife, the teapot lands face first in some Jam toast, splattering the screen with jam. It jumps back up and shakes it head vigourously to remove the jam. Undetered, it presses with with only the other teapot it focus. So naturly, it doesn't see the fork that is sat precariously under the cup of tea.
It steps onto it, which flips the cup into the air and it lands on on the tiny teapot. Panicked, it runs around in a circle until it crashes into a large Pepper shaker, shattering the cup. But the poor little teapot has finaly reached its destination
Act 3:
Stepping slowly forward, the teapot has that heart crushing feeling when he realises the other teapot was only on paper. Tears cascade down its china face and walks forward to get one final look at its love. The teapot looks down at the other one while the paper tilts. Then the teapot noticed it. Scrambling to get away, it trips one final time as the paper falls to the the floor.
With a crash, as small puddle of tea seeps from under the paper signaling the end.


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