28 Apr 2010

Brief overview

Slime molds and pretty much all micro-biolagy really does fascinate me. The way a tiny, in this case, mold can group together and pretty much overpower anything that in its way.

A key thing I really want to capture in my animation and work is the vibrant colour that the slime mold has. All pictures I have looked at indicate the mold to be a vibrant yellow, which I find very strange and interesting.

So I want to create a two minute animation of a part of a Slime molds life aimed at children 11-12 undergoing Key Stage 2 SAT tests. Time to get cracking.

A side note on my branding and logo:
I've got an idea and plan to produce some drafts for it. The main thing behind it is the fact that my name is Earl Lennon Mills (no, not after John) which initial wise is ELM. The first thing that springs to mind is an Elm tree so I want to incorporate that into logo. It also goes with the idea that I'm still learning so I could use a tree that is still growing. I want it to look like it spells ELM as well.


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