6 Apr 2010

Thumbnail Storyboard + Character design

And I'm back after Doctor Who and Ashes to Ashes weekend... Sorry, I mean Easter weekend (Matt Smith has really put me off custard).

Heres my thumbnail storyboard that I drafted up last week. Remember, it's a thumbnail sketch.

Here are my character designs. I wanted to keep it to the basics of a teapot.

Also, I went to see the new Clash of The Titans movie yesterday (purely for Essay reasons :) ) so I'll be posting my review of the old classic and this new one soon.


tutorphil said...

Great to see some fresh, new work arrive, Earl! And it looks as if you're just about ready to begin the marathon drawing session... bring it on! Be brilliant! :-)

tutorphil said...

... oh yeah, I thought the new Doctor Who was rather impressive! David Tennant who? :-)

Bluejetdude said...

I agree, I really enjoyed the new Who. It might take more than one great episode to make me forget Tennant. Maybe two great Episodes? We'll see on Saturday.

Lev said...

Yes, Matt Smith is going to be a great Doctor. Wasn't too sure at first but keeping the open mind was a good thing :D. The tea pot looks good :)

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