28 Apr 2010

Unit 6: Commision

And here we are. the final part of our year 1... year. Time to get started.

At the time of the briefing on Monday, I was thinking through ways of how to animate the development of a cell, until Dr Klappa said that the cell was proberly the easiest. So I scraped that the ideas I had and kept the good ones and moved onto the development and life of a Slime mold. This is defienclty the one I want to follow as my head has already got a firm grapse on the ideas of the Slime molds scientifically and how I could produce this into a animation worth someones money, in this case, Peter Klappa's money.

The Life of a Slime Mold
Scenario 2

Target Audience:
Key Stage 2 SATS, Year 6 11-12 years old.

Section of the life cycle:
The feeding Slime mold through to the begining of a new slime mold 'flower' being formed.

The reason I have decided to go with a target audience of 11 to 12 year olds is simple. Its this age that is in flux when it comes to how children want to be treated. There still children and can be 'talked down' to while in the same case they don't want to be patronised with silly voices and other the top colour scheme. Its a time period when I can still display the animation as very childish with keeping it semi sophisticated... well, sophisticated for an 11 year old.


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