6 Aug 2010

I'm now an Author and Publisher!

kind of...
I got my Year 1 Blog in the post today. Check it:

I'm actually quite surprised by the quality of it. The paper is fantastic and its all so clear. I really am impressed by it and now have all my year 1 blog posts in one great book. It has a dustcover and everything. For just £30 I recommend it to everyone.
I got it from


Sam Hayes said...

Looks really good Earl and for £30! Thats good to know, I was expecting to pay a lot more for the book for our brief. I'll have to check out Blurb, I've seen their book creating software which looks quite easy to use.

tutorphil said...

Hey Earl - this looks fab! Bring it in for me to have a look! Could you do a post on the CGAA Group blog - maybe take a few more shots - and talk up how easy it was to get done? Cheers and I look forward to browsing your opus upon our return. Well done, matey!

Bluejetdude said...

no probs phil. I'll write it up tomorrow :)

Jackie said...

That looks fantastic Earl!

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