5 Aug 2010

Summer Project - Rough Previs Tests and Sketchs

The 'game' takes places in a very colourful and bright world. The Protaganist will be very bright and fast, and in contrast the enemies will be dark and slow. The world has no place in our own but takes a more twisted view. For example, trees will still look like trees but will have a twist to fit in with the world. The world has no technalogical connection to ours. The laws of physics are still in place in my world but are very loose. The characters can jump higher than any real world counterpart. Jumping on Enemies heads will defeat them and collecting coins is as simple as running into them.


Jon Stewart said...

In the test, make it jump each time and gather the coins. So animate it the same way and find a way to make the coins disappear in a nice manner. You can key the opacity channel to turn them off. That should do it.

Bluejetdude said...

Yeah i will. It was just a test I put together in about 20 min. I'll be doing a better previs soon.

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