23 Sep 2010

Character Design - Lets start this

Oh boy, writing on two blogs is going to get confusing.

Our second unit running parallel is character design, which to be honest, I was little concerned about. But not anymore. Our first lesson really allowed us to see the depth that we have to put into the characters. 

Its about simplisity as well as creating characters that look good. For example, a Hero must follow the look and style of a hero. This will vary depending on the given topic. All three characters must produce these elements. From analysing the character movie, all the characters have very distinctive clicks that suit them.

Here are the two pictures I drew in class:

This first one is 50 Foot Cowboy. I tried to go down the Godzilla route by making his eyes demonic and henceforth

This second one is a 'Pigmy Secret Agent'. I tried to one again make the face look tribalised and include different objects from both worlds.

The words for my characters are:
Fantasy Arthurian
Now these words are very similar in a way but it allows me to take existing Arturian archtypes, such as Knights and Wizards and really ramp up the fantasy aspect as opposed to making it realistic.


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