23 Sep 2010

Lost in La Mancha Review

This one was frustrating. Not because of the quality of the documentary but because of the content. 

'Think about this Logically...'

That's what I wanted to shout at Terry Gilliam, the director. 
The documentary follows the director on his quest to produce the movie he has wanted to make for 15 years. But tragedy struck the production of the film in one of the worst places, Pre-production. Its at this stage when you have to take a step back and re-evaluate, just like the assistant director said. But Gilliam forged on and entered the Production stage, pushing his forward forward. It was during the FIRST week of production that the entire film was in jeopardy and finally canceled. Much to Gilliam's dismay, the financiers pulled out and with no money and no more main actor in the form of Jean Rochefort, the entire film was canned.

The whole emphasis of this documentary was disaster. At every possible opportunity, something went wrong, whether it be equipment washing away or actors getting Prostate problems. At so many stages, you couldn't help but think 'look at this logically'. Gilliam was so obsessed with this film he let it control him, not taking any advice seriously and in the end blowing millions of dollars. Its a case of not getting stuck in to one project so deep that you can't escape.


Alan Postings said...

It was a sad day when Terry became a cautionary anecdote for Baron Munchausen. But to become a second tale is even sadder - Poor Terry.

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