20 Sep 2010

Year 2 - Retro-Fest Narrative unit

Attack of the 50 Foot Alien(s) from Toy land

That's the title that we have been given. Who do I mean by we:

Earl (not sure who this guy is... I heard he is awesome)
Ethan C

And what do this super group of people make?

Void Canvas Studio!

With our initial briefing out of the way, I'm going to find some images and references that instantly came to mind when we received our trailer title. To follow all our exploits simply point your browser here:

After looking at the trailers that some of the classes before us have done for this unit, we are all expected to do a great job. I fully believe that our Studio can create an amazing trailer and blow those judges away. The work starts now...

(on a side note, Internet Explorer 9 Beta doesn't like the submit button for blog posts. Won't let you click it. Stupid Internet.)


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