4 May 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of the Virus! - Animation Sneak Peak

Not much to show at the moment with animation full under way and me working through the scenes. Here is a few playblasts of some scenes. Remember, these are playblasts so there aren't any 'bells and whistles' attached and are in not finalised.


tutorphil said...

again - some nice stuff going on here - but some of your ships are travelling too quickly - looks glitchy and a bit frantic - can you seek to add a bit more curve and grace and control and individuality to their movements? Some of the action here feels as if the computer is in charge, and not you. The nuancing of the animation will pay off in terms of how professional and resolved this piece will feel.

Bluejetdude said...

yeah, definaitly, some of the scenes I had the 'outline' on so it caused some lag in maya making it hard to judge. I've removed those now and working with it smooth and I'll add those in at the end with the effects.

I think of this as the 'first pass' on the animation. Its getting everything in place and the majority of it done, but then finessing on the 'second pass'.

I'll definatly take on board the ship movements. The virus fighter deployment scene is already under reconstruction :)

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