1 May 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of the Virus! - Model Movements

Inspired by the use of lights in comics and cartoons, I have altered the models slightly to give the look of movement. This is achieved by adding a 'light ball' at the end. This was inspired by this image:

Notice the ball of light around his feet. This is to give the impression of directional speed, so I have incorporated this in the White Blood Cell and the Virus Fighter. I have not included this for the Mothership as it is large and barely moves, and when it does, very slowly.

The White Blood Cell:

In the animation, these will change size and move with the ship as it turns and pivots. This also goes for the Virus fighter. 

The White blood cell is blue for a heroic shine, and the virus is read to show the opposite.

Virus Fighter:


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