4 May 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of the Virus! - Environment V2

A second pass on the Vein interior. Phil rightly pointed out that the interior of the vein missed some of the style and art direction of the other models and locations. To remedy this, I have added a 'spiral outline' to it. This shows a sense of direction and speed to the environment as well as give it a 'comic book' look.


tutorphil said...

couple of things, Earl - 1st, the spiral is working, but I think to get the most dynamic use of it would be, in addition to your existing camera moves, I think you should include a slow rotation of the camera, which will 'activate' the spiral visually.

2nd - those blood cells are moving too quickly; they're creating a flicky, glitchy impression. You need to create a more graceful, fluid movement. Slow them down, and get some more variety into their travel - i.e. so it all feels a bit more convincingly under your control as opposed to just the computer producing the effect.

Bluejetdude said...

Ok, I see, both of those can be easily fixed and implemented into the animation.

Thanks again Phil!

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