30 Mar 2011

Transcription - Goal In Sight

I haven't posted in just under a week which I didn't want to do, but things have been rather hectic as we spiral towards the crit date. I find myself the time to blog again now whilst my scenes are rendering, which is taking double the time due to have to render each frame twice due to the 3D effect (images for the left and right eye), so I'm using it to update on everything that's happened over the past week.

Camera Movements:

I've been hard at work creating a camera that is real to my world. You are the viewer traveling through this world so it has an essence of the viewer trying to catch up with the movement of the camera. Here is a collection of some pre-vis' that I've squeezed out between rendering.
(Timing is close to final, needs slight tweaking in post for a minority of shots...)

Final Render:

And finalling, some shots from the final render. These haven't been processed through after effects yet to add the final sheen it needs, but these are the final looks. (All shots from the 'Left' Stereo Cam)

My rendering should soon be coming to an end, meaning I can launch into the post and get everything cleared away for next week!

(PS @ Phil/Alan: Is there a box of 3D glasses in the base room office? Should I just come down on Thursday morning to collect them for my crit presentation?)


tutorphil said...

Hey Earl - we have a number of 3d glasses in the office - if we don't have enough (we used to, but a few pairs may have gone walkies), you'll just have to show your film twice!

Bluejetdude said...

Haha. Once blurry and once 3D. Both ends of the spectrum!

godwino said...

lol.. this looks great Earl :)

Bluejetdude said...

Hey thanks Godwin, appreciate it :)

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