16 Mar 2011

Transcription - Texturing Part 2

Carrying on my texture quest, I added textures to the MB and GFX whilst changing up the PSU room. The blue strobing light was causing an issue so I removed that...


tutorphil said...

Hey Earl :D

Can you post a final animatic/pre-viz? I know you're busy getting everything to look nice and sexy, but one of the big technical challenges you have is camera control etc. and the actual pace/timing of the whole piece. Is there a version with the talk-track + SFX + music I can take a look at?

Bluejetdude said...

I haven't got the SFX and music nailed down yet but know how I want to go about it (a sort of techno sound).

The closest thing I have so far of what you want is the 3D pre-vis I posted a while ago:

My next goal is the camera and getting that nailed down. Once I do (early next week is likely) I'll have a preview render up for all to see :)

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