15 Mar 2011

Transcription - Texturing the Models + Enviroments 1

So I've been spending my time collecting a plethera of textures, tweaking them or changing them making shaders for the project. I've been working my way through the scenes, add the textures and refining the lights as needed and still tweaking the particle effects.


The case has a rather simple texture. I've used my own PC as a guide for the texture so I've combined a selection of plastics for the case and front part.

The PSU Room:

The PSU room is the most drastically different part of the whole project as it embodies a more 'sci-fi' approach. For this I decided to make it more clinical and shiny, akin to Star Trek (2009). All thought the exterior part, the fan, is to be metal to follow the standard on a computer. The capsule using a gold metal to seperate it from the surrounding area, as well as brown leather seats inside to keep a sembalence of realism. The PSU has moving shadows in the form of a blue light moving in the background and the fan on constant rotation. I'm hoping to get this video up very soon..


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