1 Mar 2011

Transcription - Model blocking

With Production now under way for the project, I've thrown myself into the deep end with the task of blocking out all the models for animation. So I've been spending some time getting these into there basic shapes ready for a plethora of refinements!

(Rendered out in Mental Ray)


Mainly blocked out the front, with areas for added detail all ready for them.

PSU 'Room':

The 'room' inside the PSU where the audience gets on the 'capsule'. The back 'windows' will have a pulsing blue light coming from them to symbolise electricity passing into the machine. It also has a groove in the floor for the capsule to sit...

PSU Parts:



The fan is an important background item as it will let in the light for the rom as well as being something of awe for the audience when they first enter.The wire is used to move the audience around the machine.

Motherboard Parts:

Some prelimanary parts for the Motherboard City so there not highly detailed, as there will be alot of them in a tight space, so I'm taking some tips from our Game Model Tutorials to keep detail in these parts at a minimal.


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