9 May 2011

M and M - Finished Models and Textures 1

I blazing along with this project, trying to get the models down so I can start on the texturing, lighting and effects. The short time frame is starting to catch up I think...

Here is the Final TV with Textures:

And finally, over the weekend I've been working on the Jet. It is not high detailed (taking some cues for the game character tutorials) as it whizzes past like... well, a jet. I'll also motion blur so thats makes the details even less important as its not stationary.

I've based it on a T-50 Fighter Jet as I found it not to be all that detailed and to still look like a steriotypical Jet plane. Here are the references:

First Jet:

Final Jet:

If I'm able to stick to my schedule, I should have all the textures done by Wednesday, so then I can start animating, which will be the largest part...


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