2 May 2011

M and M - Idea Resolution

What Phil said at the brief really stuck out to me. He spoke about nostalgia and how it affects the audience and acts like an instant hook. So thinking back to my childhood, what would be considered nostalgic to me?

Easy: old school video games such as those found on the Sega MasterSystem, MegaDrive and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

These old 16 and 32 bit consoles harken back to a simpler age and acts as strong nostalgia to me, and as I fit into the demographic for the channel, others watching as well.

A priliminary idea I have concocted it an old school controller (in the same vain as the Mega Drive) being used (in a First Person Perspective) which then looks up to an old TV (common in the time of 80s/90s) with a E4 logo on the screen. It sounds simple at the moment, so I want to add some more elements to it but am unsure what just yet.

Here is rough drawing to demostrate the look, with out a purple hued background.

The soundscape I'm going to use is DRONE BEAT 7, as it sounds like a level music in a game being heard through old, muffled speakers common in TVs of the age.

It will all be in 3D.

Here is a Pre-vis to demonstrate it:

So this is where it stands at the moment.


tutorphil said...

your reasoning is sound, Earl - but your pre-viz lacks dynamism - everything is too passive - identify ways to add some tingle!

Bluejetdude said...

Yeah, I agree. It needs 'something' to add to it but not quite sure what yet. I'm sure me and Alan can discuss it to tomorrow. I have some ideas (camera placement on buttons) but needs it fleshed out. Hopefully Tomorrow :)

Alan Postings said...

Ah, I had a Master System, Mega drive, and a Snes. The good old days.

I agree with Phil however, your pre-viz is pretty dull. Nothing wrong with your starting point but it needs life. Look at the existing E-stings and notice the humour, energy, and vitality.

BaZe said...

Hi ho! Love the retro idea! Snes has to be my all-time favorite! Anyways, was just gonna mention that has a really great and energetic retro-intro to their game-reviews. Maybe you could get some ideas on how to spice it all up and add some life to your sting.

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