4 May 2011

M and M - Logic and TV

After the talk with Alan yesterday, we decided that I need to find the 'logic' behind the ident for E4. This was the part that I fell down upon on the last unit. So I've decided to go for 'Wonder'. More specifically, the wonder you experience when your a child. When playing a game as a child, your engulfed in that world, your own personal bubble if you will.

So the idea behind it is that E4 instills that kind of emersiveness onto its audience. So the idea is a TV in the same vain as an old 80s/90s TV, with the E4 logo on it. Then things come from the Logo and out of the screen fly these objects (such as Jets and balls and ribbon things, retro stuff). It symbolises that E4 has all of this inside it, but uses retro as a hook for the audience. I'm also toying with the idea of using sprites when the objects are on the TV, then when they come out the TV, they turn 3D...

After a 15 and 10 week project, a five week project really makes time seem like its slipping away so I've started on a model that I know is in the ident: the TV

Here are some references:

Start of the TV:

Obviously I need more details on the side and around it in general (I don't need to do the back because that's not visible).


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