6 May 2011

M and M - Modelling

So with an idea resolved and how I want to go about it with my key words (Wonder, Retro) I've haven't hesitated with starting the models for the project. With such a short time frame, we don't have any time to waste.

So I'll nailed down what I want to make:
A TV (done)
A rocket
A Jet
A ball
Other misc stuff

All of these will come flying out of the TV and the E4 logo to encompass the feeling of Nostalgia and retro. I'll also make the TV screen inself have that 'Old TV transmission' effect. I'm sure I can learn how to do that on After Effects...

So here is the finsihed TV model (references in previous post)

I've got a dial on the side, along with added buttons.

And here is the Rocket:


The next step is the Fighter Jet. I won't be going super detailed because it will fly past quickly and use motion blur. I'll be doing the model over the weekend so hopefully I can have it up by Monday.


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