12 Sep 2011

Returning To The Creative World

Hello CG world, it feels like ages since I last saw you...

With the dawn of the new year literally round the corner, I'm going to upload something I've being working on during my limited free time over the summer.

Introducing Lrae (Earl spelt backwards... I'm so clever).
The goal I set myself was to create a Character from scratch all the way up to the animation process. I didn't have the time to do any face animation (blend shapes, Blinking), but I want to get back to it when I can. I tried to combine the cartoon character and game character tutorial to make him. I also tried to keep in mind that as a cartoon knight I wanted his movements to be restricted like it to some degree. It was also the first time I've ever done anything fast paced like a run, so that was fun, with room for improvement but a good start.

Anyway, just a little something I did when I could as a personal goal to me. I've never created a character for a project before so I wanted to before the Third Year.


tutorphil said...

Hey Earl :D Welcome back to the bloggosphere - and I find it very heartening to see that you haven't been twiddling your thumbs. I'm sure Alan will have a bunch of constructive observations to make re. the animated showcased above, but suffice to say, doing this extra-curricular stuff can only have enriched you in terms of experience and lessons learned. so, it's official - you have a gold star from 'tutorphil'... I look forward to seeing you next week - you're a bloody 3rd year now! Strewth!

Bluejetdude said...

Yup, year Three. I'm looking forward to diving into it so I'm just ending the summer holiday by relaxing. I used the creation of the character to enhance the aspects that I wanted to and of course not get complacent over the break.

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