23 Sep 2011

SIP - Secondary Proposals

I've decided to write down my two ideas that have formed over the weeks in tandem with my current idea 'Edge'.

A small alien is alone on his small planet. His entire existence has been based on his floating rock and now he wants company. On the horizon he sees the back of another alien... Little does he know that the planet is so small it's the back of his own head.

A two minute animation following a small alien on his tiny planet looking for a companion, chasing his own image on the horizon.

A bird lives atop a tree making his nest with the twigs that fall from above onto a branch. He hops down from his nest, collecting a twig before going back up putting it in place. Another twig falls from the nest to the lower branch. He can't understand why this twig continues to reappear on the branch after he picks it up.

A two minute animation following a bird in tree trying to make a nest, getting frustrated in the progress.


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