19 Sep 2011

SIP - Project Start - Current Idea

Since my final year of College, I have wanted to create an animation. An animation that I thought up at the time for a fake Major Project that we had to plan out. The Reason I've never made it before now is simply because I don't think I have had the Skill or Knowledge to pull it off well enough. I now believe I'm at a level where I can.

The 2 minute animation will be a space aerial dogfight with a little of a twist. The majority of the animation will take place inside the cockpit of two vastly different space crafts (one a clinically white, pristine environment, the other a smokey, industrial environment.) using the exterior shots for context and setting up the scene. The pilot inside the White environment will be a women, and a man in the other. In essence, its a space battle mainly played through the cockpit and the actions that take place inside.

Over the past two years I have created a sort of vision around the project so artistically I know how it want it to look and the direction I would like to take it in. Over the next few days I will be showcasing my influences for the look of the female pilot and the male pilot as well as the ships that house them. I also know how I want the characters to look and more of that to follow soon.

But for now here are some influences that apply to the animation itself.

Next is the initial size and shape of the Female character that I've drawn and the influences that have inspired her look and flight mask.

I don't want to blindly fire along with the idea so I look forward to talking with Alan on how to enhance it on Friday and of course, right here on the blog.


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