28 Sep 2011

SIP - My Vision of the 'Yggdrasil Treeship'

From my previous post, I've managed to create an image of how I see the 'Yggdrasil' in my head. Here I will describe it.

The tree itself is large and almost dwarfs the rest of the ship. Wrapped around the tree is walkways leading to habitats on the tree and suspended around it. The base has more mechanical features including the walkways that house the Hawking Drives. The base leads to the underside that houses the Engineering and cargo spheres around the base. There tendrils that looks like roots emerge from the bottom. The special 'Erg' containers are connected to a ring that rotates around the ship creating it's propulsion. Also on the underside is the Hawking Drives. A forcefield surrounds the top half leaving the mechanical parts in the void.

I will be mocking up an image of the treeship in Maya and Photoshop to further get my image across.


Simon Holland said...

Hi Earl,
I was just looking through your blog, in particular your work towards your minor. Have you seen the film Silent Running (Phil may have shown it to you in the first year). If you have it may be worth a revisit. One thing I feel you should address is the costumes of your characters. I feel that the skin tight bodysuit of the female character in particular has become somewhat cliche. If you look at productions like Star Trek there is a uniformity amongst the characters costumes, with differences in cut and colour. I think that you may want to invest some time being a fashion designer to create a "uniform".

From a personal point it would be nice to see a female character not wearing spandex.

Bluejetdude said...

Hi Simon, there's no need to worry about the female character. I'm not using that idea for the project anymore. I'm doing a modelling focus on Vehicle design, so I won't be utilising any of the ideas from my previous proposal.

Thanks for your input anyway :) always appreciated!

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