8 Oct 2011

SIP - Finding the Final Design of Yggdrasil (@Phil)

I've been doing quick sketches of the the 'Yggdrasil Treeship' trying to find a final design for the ship to take forward. I've enhanced my original design with the feedback given to me by Alan.

One way to improve it was to add a layer of space, as opposed to being flat and rigid. I've also gone back to the description in the book to ensure that it stays true to the authors vision.

I'm leaning towards the final picture as I feel that it incorporates every aspect of the descriptions from the book as well as the advice given by Alan.

I plan to talk to Phil about the final decision and any input he can give me.
I'll then create another silhoutte of it, followed by research into the materials of the ships mechanical parts.


tutorphil said...

I like the versions with the tree roots hanging out of the bottom - these aren't the greatest thumbnails, in so much as I can't quite discern too many differences between them, but I'm hoping I'll see you today and you can sell your final idea to me - the silhouette stage worked for you, so I suggest you work that way again - only this time, you'll need to investigate your object from all angles using this method.

tutorphil said...

additonal design language sources:

hydroponics (aesthetic of clear fluid, high-tech, light-weight, very 'modern' and minimal.

airplants - which are existing plants that derive moisture and nutrients from the 'air' - look at ways in which ecosystems are put together and presented decoratively.

Aerial roots on plants (epiphytes)

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