26 Oct 2011

SIP - Yggdrasil Redesign

This week, I have refined my design of Yggdrasil by applying the advice given to me by Alan and Phil. I took away the rigid nature of the previous incarnations. I have applied a sense of space to the design.


Yggdrasil Silhouette

Yggdrasil Annotation:

Please note that the uneven circle is on purpose. Since it is organically created, there will be imperfections and this symobolises that.


tutorphil said...

okay - so now I'd be interested in getting to see you drill down into the minutiae of your construction now - the specific and precise design of the buildings etc. - I like the idea that, in cg terms, the sustaining bubble would be in constant flux, like the surface of a soap bubble being acted upon my forces.

Bluejetdude said...

Ok, I'll get into that right away. I have an idea how I want the designs to be so I'll get that down.

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