5 Oct 2011

SIP - Yggdrasil Created Using Silhouettes

After the advice given to me by Alan at the last meeting, I have gathered some silhouettes of the different ingredients to the larger picture. I also thought of the logic behind it, the main one being spiritual.

This is the silhouette of the overall Ship. The elements include trees, rings, branches, acorns and a Tulip bud. I combined the look of the ship though the description of it through the literature, but the shapes where devised through spirituality.

The rings around the base and tree itself resemble Halos, of angelic origin. The roots spreading through the (mechanical) base symbolise growth and the unity between the two components. The acorn shaped containers also mean growth as well as birth in the way that they open and contain the alien creatures that more the ship. The containment field created by the 'Erg' is shaped like a tulip bud that allows the field to open. This symbolises growth in the way it 'peels' itself open.

On a more logical way. the opening of the field allows the tree access to Sunlight and Air when in atmosphere. Weather can be automated through the mechanical structures built around the tree, where the containment field is  created. Movement and Space Travel is achieved by the 'Erg' containers rotating around the ship. The connections and wiring are integrated into the roots and branches of the ship. The only difference in look is slight colouration and glow.

This highlighted image shows which part of the ship would be mechanical and which would be organic. The structures around the ship in the containment 'Tulip' field are metal structures that fold down like an opening bud. the base is predominately mechanical as are the rings. Some branches and roots are but only different by looking at the colour.


tutorphil said...

this silhouette caught my eye immediately, Earl - i'm intrigued!

Bluejetdude said...

Haha, mission accomplished then!

Thanks Phil!

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