2 Oct 2011

SIP - Use Silhouettes to find the Shape

After another talk with Alan, we have decided that I need to take a step back and take the design down to its core. We looked at the ingredients to the design from my research and found a way to gather a shape.

To do this, I'm going to use silhouettes to find the basic shape of the design, to see how they would fit together logically.

Here are the silhouettes that I have made to use for this excersise.






Acorn - (Container):

I'll be using these sillouetes to create a unified shape. Another aspect I need to cover is the use of practical science. As it's basically a tree in space, it still needs to follow certain rules as well as the fictional side of things.

A key aspect of the ship that will influence it is the 'spiritual' side of it. The Life/Death side of it plays a key role in the narrative so it should reflect this in the design of the ship itself.

I have also rented out 'Silent Runnings' as it lends itself directly to my project.

Next I will be shaping the parts together like a puzzle to find a form that suits the ship. Then I'll seperate the parts into Natural and Mechanical for further research into the symbiosis of the tree.


Asmodeus Draconis Umbra said...

hi your psge is awoesome i liked somuch the silhouettes

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