18 Feb 2011

Transcription - David Johnston Voice Recording

I need a recording for my animation and I found one with no problem at all!

My original intention was to get a big bombastic American voice but I re-evaluated when I thought that I was doing this for The British Science Museum, so I opted for a calmer, more educational voice.

David Johnston has worked for the likes of BBC and was kind enough to do this recording for Free. I emailed him asking about it yesterday and today, after some more emails, I have it here.

EDIT: I just heard David Johnston on the Radio!


tutorphil said...

Great, Earl :D I hope the professionalism of the voice over has give your project a boost! Time to start visualising and blowing our tiny minds... Nothing but the best will do now, Mr Mills... don't disappoint.

Bluejetdude said...

Yep, finished Storyboard and Pre-Vis (in 3D and not) coming VERY soon to a blog near you...
(Hint, its this one)

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