2 Feb 2011

Transcription - Factual Topic and Transcribing it

After a great meeting with Phil yesterday, we decided just how I should approach this unit, taking all me strength and weaknesses into account. We decided on a factual commision basis for the project. By this I mean treating the unit as a commision from a place and transcribing the data to the CG world. I want to work on something that I am interested in and something that would appeal to the general public allowing them to explore it using CG.

On the way home yesterday, I realised (by listening in) how little people actually know about those magic boxes in there house. These boxes are of course, our PCs. I'm sure to a majority of people in this world there PC is a box that turns on and does things with a press of a button.

So what I have decided on for the transcription of data, is a detailed analysis of the interior of a computer and how all the parts fit together. This allows me to dissect a fully created PC and go down to the very nuts and bolts that hold it together, teaching the public exactly whats spinning and lighting up inside those metal tins.

I have some knowledge of the interiors and how all the parts are connected, so it allows to me to design the interior of the computer for easier visibility when viewing it.

Parts I need to Look at:

PSU (power supply unit)

Graphics Card



CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Computer Case itself

All the wires inside

Now I can crack on with creating an analytical storyboard...


tutorphil said...

Okay, Earl... hmmm - but is this going to give you an aesthetic, I wonder? And who is your audience? You'd have to approach this in a very filmic way - you know, Death Star alleway-style - or Tron-esque? Something to stop this feeling like, you know, really bloody boring... You should identify your commissioning context/audience first - because it will give you everything else.

Bluejetdude said...

Yeah I was gonna go into more detail.
This isn't going to be just a diagram of some bits. Funny you should mention the death star because that kind of 'zooming' is what I was aiming on doing. Tomorrow I was going to post filmic styles I wanted to adapt and how I was going to approach it.

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