14 Feb 2011

Transcription - Pitch, Script, Influence, Story, Art, 3D Test

Here I'll be collecting all the work for the Tuesday tutoral with Phil:

First up I produced a pitch document in the same line as Tom Begs for his Dorian Gray project:
Journey Inside a Computer Pitch
The main reason for producing this document was to keep a 'professional' air by creating a client pitch to outline the way the project will be produced.
I also created a revised script after Phil kindly went trough the first and second draft for me:
Journey inside a Computer Script v.2

I also created some influence maps for easy reference on how I would like the final animation to look and the mood I'm aiming for:

One map shows the key parts of the computers interior. These parts will be the main focus during the journey. I also matched it a colour (more on that later). The second map is more off the outside influences, such as the IMAX theaters and rollercoaster. I'm creating a journey in the same line of experience so I've done research into these fields.

I also finished up a thumbnail storyboard. Granted, it may not be very clear to some, but it allowed me to get my direction down. I will be improving this during the week to create a finalised storyboard:

I also looked at the art direction I'm going to take. As I've stated before, this will not be a stylised working, it will be more of a realistic approach. But I have taken a few liberties in the colouring. To differentiate the parts inside the machine for the audience I want to exgagerate the colours that are most connected to the component.

Graphics Card (Red):
Ram (Black):
CPU (Green):
Case (Silver):
PSU (white):
Motherboard (blue):

I also created a colour map overlay for a computer interior to show the placement of the colours.

And to finish, I created a some scenes from a rough Pre-vis to show where I'm going, especially with the first person perspective:

The 3D isn't perfect yet but I'm working on it...

I learnt during this process, the importante of perfecting the 3D camera. Whilst making the camera (which I've never done before) I started to experience some bad pain in my eyes, which I've never had from anything 3D before. I'm going to put this down to while I was making the Camera that I was still configuring.


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