7 Feb 2011

Transcription - Thumbnail Storyboard and Script

Today I finished work on the first draft of the storyboard and the first draft of the script. I tried to explain as much as I could about the filmic elements I want to use, but I think I'll be able to show them better in a Pre-Vis

Script (by Storyboard Panels):

Panel 1 /2:

‘The Home Computer. A machine that 98% of homes have. But do you know what makes it tick? What makes it work?

Panel 3:
Let me show you…

Panel 6/7/8:
The Motherboard is like the brain of the Computer. Everything is connected to it, making it the most important part of the machine. A motherboard provides the connections for the other components. It also contains the BIOS, the hidden controller of all the hardware.

Panel 10/11:
If the Motherboard is the brain, the CPU, AKA Central Processing Unit, is the heart. It carries out all the orders of the user. Basically, it runs all your programs. With the advances of technology, CPUs are becoming more powerful meaning more programs can be run at once.

Panel 13/14:
The Graphics Card is what allows us to see what the computer is doing. Without a dedicated one, like this, or a built-in Motherboard variation, the computer wouldn’t know how to show you what you see on the monitor. The more powerful the card, the better programs like games will run.

Panel 15/16:
The RAM, AKA Random Accessed Memory, allows faster access to your computer. Data is stored here for the time your computer is on, making it faster to retrieve anything from a word document to a full program, such as Photoshop

Panel 19/20:
There the important parts, and they all fit together inside the case, hidden away, but constantly working

Panel 22/23:
You may not ever see the inside of a computer, but treat it with respect. These aren’t magic boxes, there delicate hardware.


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