4 Feb 2011

Transcription - Filmic Techniques

In my project, I need to ensure that the presentation keeps attention as well as informing people of the parts in the computer. It needs to be educational/informative but not boring. One aspect I want to explore is a 'complete' zoom in of the computer, as in starting from the outside to the very circuitry of the componets inside. This is to create a contrast in the same enviroment, some that starts small is soon a mammoth size.

One way I want to move around the inner enviroments is use as technique thats well known from Star Wars:

The attack on the Death Star is a famous scene that most people know, but I'm looking at the way the camera moves along the trench and how the scale of the death star in the opening shot contrasts with the scale when zooming around inside it.

Another aspect I want to use is the size of something so inherently small. This componets are small, but I want them to take on a more 'city' like approach. Similar the approach in Tron Legecy after entering 'The Grid', minus the asphetic.

I also want to deploy a dynamic camera movement, so its never still for too long. It moves on quick so as not to focus on anything for that extra second that isn't needed.

The overall feel I want to go for is simlar to this this but faster paced, more dynamic and going into the parts to keep with the feel I described earlier:


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