4 Feb 2011

Transcription - Who am I aiming at ?

Who is it that I want my factual animation/diagram thing to appeal too?

I'm going to aim this project at the younger generation, the 'tweens' and young boys of today. Or as the media would say 'generation Xbox'. I have chosen this field because it allows me to go where I need to go and how I can dress it up. The older generation probably won't/don't care whats happening inside there little silver boxes connecting to a screen, whilst the younger ones, fixating on the world of 'YouTube', 'Facebook' and online gaming are using these contraptions daily now. I want to educate these youngsters into what is happening inside there computers cases, but not in a boring, lecture sort of way, but in a dynamic filmic style that would be at home in science museum. It will allow the children to delve inside the machines that they will using potentially for the rest of there lives. What components make it tick? What holds it together?

Because of my target audience, it allows me to adapt a fast approach to camera placement and movement. I can zoom in and out at will of the components and how such a complex machine allows them to see what there friends are up to on face book. It allows me to have a dynamic approach to the way I put it together.

(For the sake of the animation there will be no interactivity, but it designed with a interactive experience.)


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