5 Jan 2010

Essay Research: Heavy Rain

One Game I am really looking forward to in the new year is 'Heavy Rain' because of the immersion and the real story that it features. It bucks all cliches of the industry to create a unique experience. But it didn't start all that simple. An early tech demo released showed not only the incredible technology that the PS3 could put on show but also the ultimate example of 'the uncanny valley':

As you can see here, she looks human enough but is clearly missing that human 'feeling'. I'll go more into depth in my essay but I couldn't put a video down on paper.

Enjoy its creepy splendor...


Simon (calamity) Holland said...

spooky...and almost un-watchable, childrens rooms and toysare always are a good source of the uncanny, from Toy Story to Chucky etc.

Bluejetdude said...

Yeah I agree. I think Pixar put enough 'soul' into there characters to escape the 'uncanny vally'.

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