20 Jan 2010

Scene picking: Who are you Backing?

Two scenes, only one winner. I'm asking for to decide because I'm lazy. No, not really. I have my own personal choice but I want an unbiased view.

I like teddy bears. But I also like simplicity. But which is better? Theres only one way to find out... FIGHT!!!!!!

or post in the comments, your choice really.


I made the image brighter in response to some comments I got:


anewman said...

1st one.

RichardVC said...

Alright Earl, this projects come along nicely for you definatly the first one though, its simplicity is its strong point.

Bluejetdude said...

thanks guys for the input. 1st is leading the race so far.

Alan Postings said...

Hi Earl,

There is a very easy way to make a better moon than you have right now...

1)Create a 'NURBS Sphere' and place it in your scene.

2) Apply a Lambert shader

3) Connect a 3D Fractal to the 'Color' channel.

4) Select the 3D Placement Node (tab next to the fractal in the Attribute Editor) and click on 'Fit to BBox'.

5) Increase the lamberts 'Ambient' and 'Incandescence' channels by a small amount.

6) You can also 'Increase or Decrease' the 'Ratio' setting for the '3d fractal' to suit.

Hope that helps

Bluejetdude said...

Hey thanks alan, I'll look into it.

AFlockOfPixels said...

All i can see is a window with a moon. basicaly the whole scene is too dark. i cant make out anything. it wasnt until playing around with curves in photoshop that i saw furniture... and a teddy...

Bluejetdude said...

Ok I'll brighten it up.

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