21 Jan 2010

Final Backdrop, Set and Scene, Animation Reviews

Here all three Finals:
Final Scene:

Well the animation went over a treat. Before you can delve into the story, you have to look and analyse everything else about it. The short looks gorgeous and is very well animated. But the music and the animation misleads you into thinking all is well. But is it?
I love the sound effects as they just add that comical feel to the film. And you can't help but love the little kid and his ways.
My personal favourite scene is in the Doctors office. Seeing a child act as every child would in an perfect world is just funny. Then it delves into the uncanny when the child becomes 'drugged'.
Another favourite is when he adjusts the camera. Just little touches like this connect with the story and the world.
The ending was bittersweet but now I know where babies REALLY come from.
Fantastic animation and direction. A really good watch.
Hidden gems. That's what YouTube is for and it is what it produces for the most part. Kiwi is a simple tale of a wingless bird that wants to fly. The story revolves around Kiwi making his perfect plan. The story confuses the viewer at first. Why is he putting trees on the side of the cliff? All resolved with his leap of faith. And this is when the camera shift happens and we see him fly. Yes, we know he is not flying but you want him to. You will him to fly. Once again, its bittersweet because he is falling. There's no escaping that.
The look and sound effects makes Kiwi relatable and you want him succeed. Which he does... till he goes splat.

Our wonderful Nature:
This is a first place animation... and it shows. Straight off, the first impression I got was how good it looked. This is an amazing looking animation. and educational. Nothing wrong with that. Its a tale about a water Shrews love life. When two shrews must fight for the affection of the female, its strangely tense. I don't quite understand but those few seconds of the fight is tense and you eagerly await the victor. How did a 2 second fight evoke that reaction? Skill.
Then the comedy sets in but it doesn't take away from the seriousness it just produced. It adds to it. Plus that fight is awesome (The shrew did a hurricane kick from Street Fighter!!). And it ends with true love. Sex. Shrews live such crazy lives.
This is by far my favourite animation. The fight scene was fantastic, it looked great, it was sweet and funny. And the attention to detail is phenomenal. A pretty underhanded way of winning though.

I remember another animation that used a European style of art to showcase itself.
The story revolves around a small village overseen by a windmill. The village follows the lives of many off its residents in there perfect rudimentary lives. But what does the lighthouse hide? This was different compared to the other animation as it was presented as a cartoon and not a 3D animation. The art style reminds me allot of Professor Layton and is strikingly European. Once again the animation evokes a feeling towards the characters and there lives.


Alan Postings said...
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Alan Postings said...


A mixed submission for you this project.

Tutorials: One tutorial missing (Double sided shader) and a few small errors in others (Water).

Final image: The image is overly clean and geometric. The backdrop (moon) is also very flat and again geomtric in detail.

To resolve these problems you need to seek feedback and advice throughout the project. This can only happen by being at Uni. A blog is no substitute for being around your fellow students and discussing possiblities with staff.

Final messgage: Be critical of your own work and seek advice (models, textures, lighting). Above all, be careful not to work in isolation (critical vacuum). Come in and see us!

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