18 Jan 2010

Scene progress and concept art creation

Just because I haven't posted recently doesn't mean I havent been working...

The components:

Simple wooden chair that is common place in a small child/babies rooms. Will be center of the room with the EVIL teddy bear atop it.


Not as detailed as some of the other objects because I remember a one of the very first lectures where we were told that ' don't waste time and effort modelling and texturing an object that you can only see one side or barely at all. This crib will be in the corner or the foreground so you'll see a corner at the most.

Draws (need to be scaled up). Not very clear in this picture but the top extrudes a bit like on all sets of draws. The draws are extruded out to give it a realistic effect. One draw is open to give a living in feel. (Mind add nCloth)

What can I say... its a shelf. Can't really do much with this.


Really simple but adds depth and detail to the wall. Most rooms, if not all, have a skirtingboard. Simples.


Modelled a window based on the one we made previously made but modified it to look indoorsy.


Curtains. Yep thats right... Curtains. I used 'soft bodies' as opposed to ncloth because I still wanted it to look rigid and structured.

EDIT: These are now considered 'old versions' by yours truely (thats me :) )

More to come...
The concept art to go along with the image.


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