19 Jan 2010


This is typical. I'm getting near the end and I run across this issue.

As you can proberly tell, when I select a face to do whatever too, maya also puts a yellow outline around an opposite face. So when I move the face I have selected it also moves the other random face. Its only just started happening and I have no idea how to fix it. Or how I must of turned it on. This is making modelling impossible. And is really frustrating...

Edit: Sam has fixed it now people. I now owe him my soul...

And now for something completly different:

Heres some maya tutorials:


Sam Hayes said...

You have 'reflection' on.

Double click on the move tool on the left hand side (The one above Scale and Rotate) Then in the attribute editor on the right hand side scroll down and untick 'Reflection'. Then it will just move the one face.

Here is a pic:

Bluejetdude said...

Sam, my man, is a genius. Thanks for the help and the super quick reply. Now get back to your essay lol.

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