16 Feb 2010

The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing

Those Crazy Russions Started Fucking Round With Images

A very interesting and revealing look into the lifes of editors and how they are part of the giant Movie machine. This documentry showed us that editors have only done there job right when you don't see what it is they have done.

One must become... INVISABLE!!!

Editors strive to create a seamless experience for the viewer. If the audience notices and acknoliges the cut as opposed to a seamless flow of the movie then they have, in some ways, failed.

But how do they achieve such success? Frames. It all comes down to single frames and how they affect the overall video. Removing or adding just a single frame can make a scene fail or not and whether the audience notices the editor.

One gripe I do have with the documentry is that it lost some steam around the middle part. The history of editors is interesting and all but I'm more interested in the process and techniques that we would have to emplore.

We also got to see how the directors work with there editors and can be bribed for $75. But these are just 'some' directors. We are talking about people like Spielberg and Scorsese. BIG players. When directors of this calaber can't stress enough how important editing is, you better listen. I'm willing to bet that a lot of up and coming directors don't quite understand the importance of editing yet. Show them this.

All in all, a very informative documentry that really encapsulated the life and role of the humble Editor.

Oh Tarantino... you make some great films, but you are one ugly mothertrucker.


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